Extreme 4 Synthetic Carpets

1. Identification of the Substance / Preparation / Company

Trade Name:

Extreme 4 Synthetic Carpets


Amtech UK


Unit 2 Sovereign Business Park
Albert Drive
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
Rstrong5 9TY


** 44 (0)845 130 4755

2. Hazards Identification

No particular hazards known.

3. Composition / Information on Ingredients
Solution of water and food grate phosphates.


EINECS CAS Range [%] Symbol / R-phr.

Dinatriummetasilikat-pentahydrate 10213-79-3 < 0.5 C 34

4. First Aid Measures

General information

Not applicable.


Not applicable.

Skin contact

Wash skin with warm water.

Eye contact

Rinse with plenty of water.


Do not induce vomiting. Rinse out mouth and give plenty of water to drink. Refer for medical treatment.

Advice to doctor

Treat symptomatically.

5. Fire-Fighting Measures

Suitable extinguishing media

Product itself is non-combustible, fire extinguishing of surrounding areas must be considered.

Special exposure hazards arising from the substance or preparation itself or combustion products


Special protective equipment for fire-fighters

Do not inhale explosion and combustion gases.

6. Accidental Release Measures

Personal precautions

High risk slipping due leakage/spillage of product.

Environmental precautions

Prevent spread over a wide area (e.g. by containment or oil barriers).

Methods for cleaning up/taking up

Take up with absorbent material (e.g sand, sawdust, general-purpose binder). Dispose of absorbed material in accordance with the regulations.

7. Handling and Storage

Advice on safe handling

No special measures necessary if used correctly.

Advice on protection against fire and ex

No special measures necessary.

Requirements for storage rooms and vessels

No special measures required.

Advice on storage compatibility

Do not store together with acids.

Further information on storage conditions

Not applicable.

8. Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

Additional advice on system design Not applicable.

Respiratory protection Not applicable.

Hand protection Protective gloves.

Eye protection Safely glasses.

Skin protection Not applicable.

General protective measures Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

Hygiene measures Wash hands before breaks and after work. Use barrier skin cream

9. Physical and Chemical Properties

Form: Liquid.

Colour: Clear.

Odour: Odourless.

pH-value: 12.2

Boiling point [°C] 100 °C

Flash point [°C] Not applicable.

Flammability -

Lower explosion limit: -

Upper explosion limit: -

Combustible properties: No

Vapour pressure [hPa]: -(20°)

Density [g/cml] : 1.09 (20°)

Solubility in water: Miscible.

Partition coefficient: n-octanol / water : -

Viscosity : -

Relative vapour density determined in air: -

Melting point [°C]: -

Auto ignition temperature: -

10. Stability and Reactivity

Hazardous reactions: Reactions with acids and strong oxidizing agents.

Hazardous decomposition products: No hazardous decomposition products known.

11. Toxicological Information

Acute oral toxicity LD50 Rat : -
Acute dermal toxicity LD50 Rat . -
Acute inhalational toxicity LC50 Rat : -
Irritant effect on eye
Sensitization / Validation
Chronic toxicity / Validation
Mutagenicity / Validation
Reproduction toxicity / Validation
Carcinogenicity / Validation
Experiences made in practice: None
General remarks
The product was classified on the basis of the calculation procedure of the preparation directive (88/379/EEC).

No toxicological data are available.

12. Ecological Information


Fish toxicity

Behaviour in sewage plant: Not applicable

AOX-advice: No dangerous components.

General information: Ecological data are not available.

Contains compounds of 76/464/EC: Yes

13. Disposal Considerations

Disposal / Product: For recycling, consult manufacturer.

Waste no.


Disposal /Contaminated packaging

Uncontaminated packaging may be taken for recycling. Packaging that cannot be cleaned should be disposed of as for product.

14. Transport Information

14.1 Classification according to:

Land Transport ARD/RIG/GGVSE:

Not classified as Dangerous Goods

Class: Classification Code:

UN-No: Packaging Group:

Hazardous Label: Proper Shipping Name:

14.2 Classification according to:

Sea Transport IMDG-Code/GGVSee: Not classified as Dangerous Goods


UN-No: Packaging Group:

EmS: Proper Shipping Name:

Marine Pollutant:

14.3 Classification according to:

Air Transport ICAO-IATA-DGR: Not classified as Dangerous Goods


UN-No: Packaging Group:

Proper Shipping Name:

15. Regulatory Information


The product does not require a hazard warning label in accordance with EC directives,

but the normalsafety precautions for handling chemicals must be observed.

Hazard Symbols: None

15.1 National Regulations

Restriction of occupation: Not applicable

Classification according to VbF: Is not subject to the regulations on flammable substance.

Water hazard class 1

Decree for case of interference Not applicable

Class, according to TA-Luft -----

16. Other Information

Composition / Information on ingredients, (R phrases) :

R34 C Corrosive

Suitable hand protection: Neoprene, Latex

Modified position:

The data in this sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge. The information cannot be taken as guaranteed and it does not constitute a legal relation.

No labour charge on repairs

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