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prochem carpet wand

Heat 'N' Run

The Heat ‘N’ Run from Prochem is a self-contained 2.8kw in-line heater designed exclusively for the Steempro range of carpet soil extractors.  We all know that hot water cleans far more efficiently than cold water and the Heat ‘N’N Run makes it possible

prochem carpet wand 2

Brand New Super Lightweight Upright Carpet Extractor!

The Comet is a new low cost, self-contained carpet extraction cleaner with powerful brush agitation to clean carpets. The Comet Weighs only 18 kilos making it light enough for anyone to use and manoeuvre up and down stairs. Likewise the compact body and fold-down handle make it easy to transport and store and enable the operator to use the Comet in incredibly tight spaces. To service just remove two safety screws and the machine opens like a clamshell which enables both easy access and fast repairs.

master rug cleaner course
Rug Cleaning Defies Economic Downturn and Brings Master Class from Texas to Surrey

Despite the economic downturn certain industries continue to boom and for all intense purposes appear to be recession proof. One such industry is cleaning and within this industry one of the most profitable trades is rug cleaning. The profitability of rug cleaning has expanded rapidly over the past decade largely due to the growth in hard floors.
Powr Flite 500 psi perfect heatCOMPLETE CARPET CLEANING PACKAGE


carpet wand- prochem


The Big Clean Team is made up of an experienced group of individuals ranging from cleaning, contract and property management.

How to clean Hand Hooked Rugs.

I am afraid the title of this blog may be a little misleading as there is only one way to clean a hand hooked rug and that is professionally. With many other types of rugs you can chance it but with a handmade rug of any form it should always be cleaned by a pro.

alleregn picture

Carpets, Carpet cleaning, Asthma and Allergies?

A lot has been written over the years on whether or not carpets adversely affect asthma and allergy sufferers. Traditionally people have assumed that the dense weave of carpets harbour many of the small particles and contaminates that cause asthma and other allergies. If a carpet is extremely dirty and remains so for an extended period of time then this is undoubtedly true. However, recent research has suggested that when carpets are properly cared for there is no measurable increase in allergens over a room that has no carpet at all.

big clean logo

A Big Clean Industry announcement!!

Attention all carpet cleaners. The Big Clean has an important announcement Carpet Cleaning is Dead!!

master rug course in bourne hall

Jan 2010

Customer, friends, colleagues, carpet cleaners and rug specialists I am contacting you to offer you the opportunity to increase your business exponentially and to become a genuine expert in the field of rug cleaning. Whether you are an experienced professional rug cleaner or total novice we are offering you the opportunity to add additional revenue streams to you business by learning about:

clean carpet

Seasonal carpet cleaning Why?

Few people know this but when it comes to carpet cleaning the best way to maintain the look and quality is to have a biannual clean. It is extremely important to have your carpets professionally cleaned between the change of the two most extreme seasons i.e. once during the spring and once during the autumn.

Some interesting facts about carpets

Despite the many years I have spent cleaning restoring carpets I have never really looked into their history or trivia so I thought it would be fun to see what I could find. In a relatively short time I found a wealth of information so I thought I would do an ongoing article all about the history, forms, trivia and uses of carpets.

The real reasons to clean your carpets

There is a common misconception amongst many people that the only reason to clean your carpet is to enhance its look and to remove stains and odours. However, out of all the reasons to clean your carpet these are perhaps two of the least important factors.

prochem europe sale BIG SALE ON CARPET CLEANING MACHINES-Still Going!! AUG 2010
The Big Clean Ltd would like to announce that our Brand New Showroom has just been opened to the public. 100 Ewell By Pass, Cheam,KT17 2PR
Window cleaning with an extention pole
There is an art to cleaning windows without leaving streaks. If you have a shop or large windows at home, you may need to use an extension pole to reach the windows. This is much safer than using stepladders and with practise excellent results can be achieved. Here are some useful tips when cleaning windows using an extension pole
cfr pro 500 ozone CFR Pro 500 Ozone Assisted Case Study
ozone cleaning is the best way to kill bacteria, microbes and smells. It completely eliminates bad odours caused by floods and fire.
ozone machine Powr-Zone Generator
Ozone cleaning eliminates all odours! Just call 0800 0113849 for more infomation.
The power of Ozone cleaning
New Ozone cleaning technolgy. Completely eliminate odours in homes, hospitals, residential care homes and flooded properties.
solar power article Solar Power Practicality For Camping
Solar power systems for camping are increasing in availability, but what about practicality? Can solar power systems for camping be put to use readily? Are they portable enough? Are they durable enough? Solar power practicality for camping must address those questions and more. Are solar power systems for camping cost effective?...
solar power article Researching the Rationality of Solar Energy Use
Use of solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuels has been widely discussed in recent years. Heavy reliance on fossil fuels, and, as a consequence, dependency on scarce resources usage of which has a negative impact on environment led to search of alternative sources of energy. Passive solar design has a number of advantages when it comes to alternative energy solutions due to low cost and high level of efficiency.
cleaning keyboard Cleaning_your_ keyboard_Valuable_resourse
Have you ever really stop to look at your keyboard, whether at work or at home? If you are like most of us, you will answer no. Well, take a minute now and look. Bet you didn’t notice how much dirt was such a little thing could accumulate. Well, now that you know that you need to clean your keyboard, grab the right tools for the job.
An allergen is defined as any imbibed substance that is recognized by your immune system as a threat and thus purged from the body. Allergens range from pet dander to pollen to peanuts, and many people are unaware of how many allergens surround them in their homes, their workplaces, and the outdoors
bathroom tap How to clean stainless steel Looking after stainless steel products
Stainless steel is a high-quality material that lasts for a lifetime with the proper maintenance. Following simple guidelines and routine gentle cleaning is all that is required to keep your stainless steel looking great.
spring cleaning duster Surrey_cleaning_companies Carpet_cleaning_Kingston_Weybridge Window_cleaning_Esher_Kingswood
The Big Clean's directory of cleaning services in Surrey includes window cleaners in every area. Whether you're in need of carpet cleaning company or a domestic cleaning service or ypu need Henry or george vacuum cleaners.
spring cleaning duster Cleaning_companies_London Croydon Belgravia Carpet_cleaners London
Searching for reliable residential cleaners in your neighborhood? Looking for the very best commercial cleaning services in London? The Big Clean has an extensive directory of commercial cleaning companies for you to browse through. Find the corporate or residential cleaning companies that offer the services you need. We also stock a wide range of janitorial equipment and supplies if you're looking to get the job done yourself.
Bathroom Cleaning
Maintaining a clean bathroom need not be an onerous task. By following the advice below you can achieve sparkling results.
allergy All you need to know about allergens, by the Big Clean
The best way to maintain an overall defence against allergens is to reduce, or if possible eradicate, the allergens around you. Regular household cleaning combined with quarterly or bi-annual professional carpet cleaning has been proven to reduce allergic reactions to household allergens more than any other method.
fresh lemon slice cleaner Natural and Environmental Cleaning
For many people environmental awareness is becoming an increasingly important matter as reports and studies unveil the levels of pollution that western life in the 21st century is releasing in to the environment...
wand on carpet what method of carpet cleaning is best?
An in-depth article on the ins and outs of profesional carpet cleaning and how to choose the right professional and the the right method to suit your carpets
Spring Cleaning or De-cluttering?
The first thing to decide is whether you really want to Spring “Clean” or Spring “De-clutter”. The two tasks are entirely different and require two completely different approaches. If you think about it though it becomes fairly obvious that there is no point cleaning until you have de-cluttered, otherwise you’ll just spend time cleaning things you ultimately get rid of.
george vacuum cleaner Vacuum-cleaners | Steam-cleaners | The best carpet cleaning machines | London Surrey
Confused About Finding The Vacuum Steam Cleaner Reviews To Locate The Best Steam Vacuum? You won't be after reading the scoop on those vacuum steam cleaners.
Carpet-cleaning-problems>What method is best?
What type of carpet cleaning is best for my carpets? A hot water extraction machine, or steam cleaning as it's commonly called is the best and most effective way of cleaning nearly all carpets in most situations.
Carpet cleaning advise for consumers
When looking for a carpet cleaner you should ask the following
Housework for kids
Housework, children, fun? Do these words belong in the same sentence? Sure but you need to add some creativity to the jobs so they don't seem so tedious!
Natural cleaning
One rule you should always stick by when cleaning your house naturally is to use as few store bought cleaning chemicals and products as possible. It is better and healthier for you, your family, and your home to use natural cleaning methods.
Carpet-cleaning Hire a professional or do it yourself?
Even if you've had your carpet sprayed with Scotchgard when it was first installed, kept on top of keeping it clean by blotting stains and removing them as soon as you noticed, there will come a time when professional carpet cleaning is necessary.
Carpet cleaning companies in Birmingham Dudley Sandwell Solihil Walsall Wolverhampton | Window-cleaning-companies
The Big Clean directory contains local window cleaners in the West Midlands, carpet cleaners in Harborne, office cleaners, residential and commercial cleaning companies and oven cleaners in Birmingham, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihil, Walsall.
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Thurrock Cleaning Companies Essex based window cleaners Carpet cleaners Romford
Cleaning companies Romford Billericay and Dagenham in Essex. We have an extensive list of carpet cleaners, window cleaners and residential/commercial cleaning companies listed in our cleaning directory


The Big Clean
 has recently launched a modern rug cleaning studio to compliment our cleaning supply business. We charge £1.99 per square foot and collection and delivery is available. We Clean Any Rug!

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