Independent Training Courses and schools held by: The Big Clean. 

Be sure to check out our rug cleaning courses which include our brand new submersion cleaning technique in our new wash pit!

All of our carpet, rug, upholstery and spot cleaning training schools are designed to help everyone from the experienced owner operator, the new business start up to training in-house cleaning staff for commercial buildings or apartment blocks. 

To find out about any of the courses listed below call The Big Clean on 0208 393 4778 or fill out the quick form below. More details further down this page..

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 £15.00 Discount for existing CCDO,Cleanitup and NCCA Members or for those of you who Book 2 places. 

Hands on Carpet Cleaning Course:

We have updatad and improved our training  rooms for this professional carpet cleaning course which will cover everything from carpet fibres and construction right through to the final grooming stage and the carpet drying section. You will get plenty of chances to use the machines and accessories yourself, during the course. The course costs £65 for one day.

The course will cover wet extraction cleaning, dry cleaning methods and rotary machine cleaning methods. There will be a mix of machines and chemicals from various manufacturers so you will get a good feel of what tools of the trade are out there. We will also show you how to apply stain guard products. 

"After attending the carpet and rug cleaning course I felt ready to clean. This course is ideal for people looking to start up right through to experienced carpet cleaners. I fully recommend this course to anyone in the industry. Thorough educational and also great fun" John Smith


Whether you are just starting your carpet cleaning business of you are an old pro there will be plenty of opportunity to learn new things in a relaxed and friendly environment. Lunch will be provided.

Some of the general topics covered include: Full course guide and lunch included for all courses and schools.  

Which cleaning method is most suitable?

Looking after your equipment!

Which type of chemical is best?

Speedy drying

Risk Assessment


Furniture removal

Agitation of pre-spray

Extraction and wand technique

Spotting and stain removal


Pre-vacuuming the carpet

Site Survey and quoting

Carpet construction

Upholstery Cleaning Course

The 1 day hands on courses are great for beginners and new start ups alike. The Upholstery cleaning training course will cover problems such as colour bleed, shrinkage and identifying fabric types when it comes to suites and upholstery and the best spot and stain removal methods as well as problem solving. Samples of different types of upholstery and course guide are included. 

(Call 0208 393 4778 for more info on our upholstery course) 

"I attended a two day training course at The Big Clean from which I found very helpful inspirational and educational. I would highly recommend The Big Clean to anyone involved in the industry" M Easton

NEW! WOOLSAFE carpet maintenance course this November-call 0208 3934778 for more details.

Rug Cleaning Courses:

The rug courses that we hold are a very popular training course with carpet cleaners and it covers everything you need to know about identifying different types of rugs and at spotting problems such as shrinkage and colour run. Also you will be given enough information and knowledge to start up you own rug cleaning plant utilising modern equipment such as rug beaters and improved drying methods. This a great introduction to the world of Master Rug Cleaning and is a great aid in helping you decide if you want to take the plunge and immerse yourself in our next Master Rug Course next year.This introductory course is led by Paul Pearce who is him self a qualified master rug cleaner and is also an instructor for the NCCA.

(Call 0208 393 4778 for more info on our Rug cleaning course) 

"I thoroughly enjoyed The Big Clean course. I learned a lot more than I expected to-Very comprehensive" Matt Steel

"I would definitely recommend the training course to anyone, start up or professional, highly informative and professional." J Flanning

Spot and Stain Removal Course:

This is a must for the professional carpet and upholstery cleaner. Our spotting course will cover everything you need to know about the removal of tricky spots and stains and the course attendees will get plenty of time to work with various spot and stain cleaning chemicals and products.

(Call 0208 393 4778 for more info on our spot & Stain course) 

"The Big Clean has certainly won me over with their training courses, I will definitely be attending future events! Paul Pearce's knowledge is second to none" Fresh Clean

A lot of our sales recently have been to new start ups-people who have either lost their jobs or taken redundancy. They have realised they can earn as much as a skilled tradesmen, without the need for extensive training OR a large outlay on tools, chemicals and accessories.

Have you considered the following things?

1.The right Cleaning method





The cleaning method you had in mind (i.e. dry cleaning or wet extraction-which is by far the most effective and common way of cleaning carpet)  


Without the right chemicals you will have little chance of removing the toughest spots and stains. Every carpet, rug and upholstery cleaner will have a spotting kit that he or she takes to every job, they would also carry a trusted supply of pre-sprays, de-foamer, and probably some form of green eco friendly cleaning solutions in case your customer has allergies or just doesn't like the smell of cleaning chemicals.

Contact us to find out which chemical range is the best for you. We will respond to your email with a the correct cleaning solution for your needs ( click on link to Email us ).0208 393 4778


We hold training courses at our showroom and training centre in Surrey, just inside the M25 and within easy reach of a number a train stations and about half a mile from a travel lodge style hotel. Our courses are taken by highly qualified and experienced instructors. 

Most courses come with a certificate, course notes and lunch is also included 

About the Instructors past and present

Paul Pearce has been working in the carpet cleaning industry for the last 30 years. He is a well respected and well known instructor. Paul was previously the President of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) and is currently the International Vice President of the IICRC. He is also Chairman of IICRC UK Advisory Council and has also been Chairman of the British Cleaning Council.Paul also ran a large off-site rug cleaning business and still runs a carpet cleaning company today.

Dave Althomstone is a great instructor of rug repairs and has taken a very sucsesful course at The Big Clean.

Pawlo, an NCA instructor has also taken course on rug repairs including fringe work and edging work.
Aaron Groseclose and Ellen Emirkhan taught the Master Rug Cleaner programme for us

Ruth Travis Taught the woolsafe Rug Course for Woolsafe, Hosted by us.
We can arrange in house training for hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning,

rug cleaning, spot removal techniques and upholstery cleaning. (Call 0208 3934778 for more details)

We can arrange in house training for hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning,

spot removal techniques and upholstery cleaning. (Call 0208 3934778 for more details)

No labour charge on repairs

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