Start at the top and work your way down. Dust for cob webs.

Keep a bottle of bathroom cleaner handy so your can spray the tiles and
shower door regularly to prevent the build up of lime scale. Some people
like to use white vinegar to clean their show door

You can use rubbing alcohol to get rid of hair spray residue on your
bathroom mirror and this also works for marks and scum build up on taps etc

Spray on your bathroom cleaner all over your bath, sink, cistern etc and
leave to dwell

Pour a strong bleach or toilet cleaner into the bowel of the loo and leave
to do its stuff.

Empty out the bin and get rid of any empty containers from the shower or

Then vacuum the floor so you can remove any hairs etc from the floor.

Wipe off the cleanser from the bath, the sink, the cistern and wipe the
inside and outside of the toilet bowel taking care over any spots or marks.
Sometimes its best to use a knife to remove heavy lime scale deposits.

Mop the floor with a strong cleaner. If moping wearing only socks make sure the color wont bleed into your carpet if you get them wet.

No labour charge on repairs

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