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CFR Eco with Perfect Heat

Heavily discounted CFR machines from The Big Clean-One of the best machines on the market with built in heat
CFR ECO 500 PH- 10469A 


The ECO Pro 500 hot water extractor is now available on Finance with free delivery.

vacuum/solution hose and Wonder Wand included for free.

The CFR ECO Pro 500 Carpet Cleaner is one of the most technically innovative carpet cleaning machines on the market today. As all professional cleaners know higher water temperatures generally mean a more effective clean, a fact that drives many manufacturers to claim their machines produce temperatures of up to 212°. However this claim is misleading as all heated extraction machines are capable of bursts of extreme heat, what is really important is maintaining a consistently high temperature throughout the clean. It is for this purpose that CFR envisaged the Perfect Heat system employed in the ECO Pro 500.

The Perfect Heat carpet cleaning system utilises the heat produced by the Pro 500’s two powerful motors to heat the water. As the electricity that is generating the Pro 500’s impressive vacuum power is also heating the water there is no need for an additional power supply. The use of only one power supply results in less amperage, less blown fuses and an incredibly simple operation procedure.There is another heater inside the machine and that does have its own power cable.

In addition to the new Perfect Heat system the Pro 500 also includes CFR’s legendary filter system that reuses the cleaning solution drastically reducing dumping and refilling downtime.

You will find below a diagram illustrating tests carried out by CFR comparing the operating temperature of the Pro 500 with two of its main carpet cleaning rivals in a real world cleaning situation. Both of the other machines claim to produce 212° water temperatures. “Each machine was run for ten minutes. They were run in 8 second cycles with 4 seconds of spray and 4 seconds of rest. Every three minutes there was a 15 second rest. The temperature was recorded at the tip on the end of a 20 solution hose.” (CFR).

Starting your own carpet cleaning business?

Ozone cleaning devices are ideal for hotels, hospitals and nursing homes. CFR also make the Powr Flite extractor and the ECO Perfect Pro 500 machine.

CFR uses much higher cleaning solution pressure than other makes and their patented wand recovery system mean that is virtually impossible to over wet the carpet.Diagram for Perfect Heat carpet cleaning machine

The Paramount.

The Paramount 20 is quite simply the most efficient, most productive cleaner in the midsize class. The Paramount 20 combines CFR’s renowned technological innovations with the ability to handle workloads machines twice its size would struggle with.

The units 75 litre tank means it can run for more than an hour before needing to be refilled which, when combined with its 20” cleaning path, equates to around 8,000 square foot per hour. The Paramount 20 offers the industrial cleaning capacity of the large class machines but due to its smaller size remains mobile and agile enough to easily clean smaller areas. Equipped with 400psi’s of suction at a rate of 1.3 gallons per minute the Paramount 20 sets the new industry standard and will effectively clean carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces. Indeed the Paramount 20 has been specially designed to clean virtually every surface including modular office panels, fabric covered walls, grouted tile and marble wall coverings.

Due to CFR’s revolutionary technology and the Paramount’s unique cleaning tools the cleaning fluid never settles on the carpet. The cleaning fluid is mixed with air and sprayed into the carpet at such a high velocity that it passes through the carpet removing any dirt and returns straight back into the tank. The result of this technique is that carpets cleaned by the CFR Paramount will dry in a fraction of the time of those cleaned by other machines.

The Paramount 20 is available as a self contained work station or in a Pro version both for use with wand and hand tools.

The CFR ECO Perfect Heat.

With the CFR ECO Perfect Heat it's all about ease of use, convenience and performance.

The CFR ECO utilises the same perfect heat system as the Pro 500 and CFR's other top end machines which means consistently hot water throughout the clean. Also like high end machines the Pro Flite has an impressive 500psi of suction which, when combined with the perfect heat system, results in an incredibly efficient cleaning system. Indeed with this high heat, high psi combination the cleaning solution does most of the work for you meaning fewer wand strokes and faster cleaning times.

The CFR ECO ease of use stems from 3 key innovations developed by CFR to minimise the professional cleaner's work load. Firstly CFR totally redesigned the refilling access system to make it incredibly simple, secondly maintenance and servicing access has been vastly improved and finally the strains of loading and stair mobility are reduced to the point of being negligible. The easy mobility of the carpet cleaning machine is achieved through the intelligent distribution of weight and through the machines wheels. The large 12” rear wheels make traversing stairs either up or down far less strenuous whilst small wheels on the handle mean that during loading it is never necessary to lift the full weight of the entire machine.

The final benefit of using the CFR ECO is that, despite its immense power, it is quite possibly the quietest machine on the market due largely to its innovative internal silencing. 


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Dont forget that we do complete start up packages and bespoke professional level bundles.

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Commercial carpet cleaning machines
The Big Clean Ltd bring to you a well thought out range of carpet cleaning machines, all of which are of high quality construction and come with 1 year warranty on Motors and vacuums. The Big Clean know the best machine to use for the job at hand and are tied to any individual brand or manufacturer. This means you will always get the very best carpet cleaning machine for the work you undertake.

Bonnet cleaning-Rotary machines
Regular maintenance cleaning and bonnet cleaning are an important part of the carpet cleaners arsenal. You are sure to find a below list price bonnet cleaning machine to your liking. The Big Clean Ltd also has access to over 250 fully reconditioned rotary machines, whether you want a 150 rpm machine for bonnet pad cleaning or you want high speed machines for stripping, burnishing and polishing just call 0208 393 4778 .You wont find any of these reconditioned machines on our site as there are simply too many.

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