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500 psi Heated Carpet Cleaning Machine

Powr Flite with built in heaters. 500 PSI FULLY ADJUSTABLE PFX1085-Details below
Manufacturer: Powr Flite


Heated 500 psi Carpet Cleaning Machine

Some of the many benefits of buying this heated Powr Flite carpet cleaning PFX1085 extractor from The Big Clean are: 

  1. Quicker cleaning times
  2. Quicker drying times
  3. work further away from the machine without loosing cleaning power
  4. Better sanitation of carpets due to high heat
  5. Free Training course 
  6. Free bonus accessorry and chemical pack
  7. Finance options available on 0208 393 4778 or you can click here


Quicker cleaning times as hot water cuts through grease and heavy soiling quicker than cold water.

Quicker drying times as hot water evaporates faster than cold water.

Less cleaning passes needed compared to cold water

38L 500 PSI Machine only price -£1900 

38L 500 PSI Machine, hose and STANDARD 2 jet wand -£2335

38L 500 PSI Machine, hose and Powr Flite HIGH RECOVERY Wonder Wand-£2350 - Please add VAT

Free Carpet or Rug cleaning training course with each machine purchase and free chemicals.

The wonder Wand.

The new Powr Flite machine is at its best when used with a Wonder Wand. And what a wand it is. The operator can pretty much eliminate any over-wetting of the carpets using this revolutionary wand. Recover up to 30% more that with a conventional wand. Quite simply the Wonder Wand is one of The Big Cleans' best Products. Read on for more info on the Perfect Heat system and for full machine specs.

500 p.s.i

Powr Flite conducted laboratory tests of the PF1352PHP and their top two competitors. These competitors both claim temperatures of over 200º. Here are the real results in a realistic cleaning situation. Each machine was run for ten minutes. They were run in 8 second cycles with 4 seconds of spray and 4 seconds of rest. Every three minutes there was a 15 second rest. The temperature was recorded at the tip on the end of a 20 solution hose.

This powerful carpet cleaning machine is amazing- it has a 500psi pump and if you are used to a machine with a smaller pump, you won't believe the difference this fully adjustable 500 psi carpet cleaning machine will make.Not to mention the patented Perfect Heat system!

you will find cleaning at high pressure is so much quicker and easier beacuse you will have to make less passes over the carpet with your wand- reducing tiredness. 

This carpet cleaning machine has a pressure gauge on top telling you the pressure at the wand and doesn't lose pressure when you move further away from the machine. The heat generated by this machine is constant and almost instant. Other heating units will give you a quick burst of heat and then the high temperatures will drop down qiute quickly - this won't happen with the Powr Flite Perfect Heat. 

With most carpet cleaning machines and extractors, you have to lift the machine into the van, using this machine you avoid alot of the struggle because it has two incredibly handy wheels attached to the handle. This means that when you've got your machine back to your van you just tilt the Powr Flite Perfect Heat backwards,lower the wheels into the van and roll the machine into the van. Its as easy as that.


Item Code: PFX1085-2PH

Solution Tank: 38L high density polyethylene

Vacuum Motor: Dual 3-stage 230V

CFM: 100

Waterlift: 210"

Pump: 34.5 (BAR 500 PSI) 220V, 5A

Heater: Perfect Heat System, with 3000W heater

Power Cord: Recessed power inlets, 8m

Wheels: 2-25.4cm rear wheels with 2-10cm CE standard

Weight: 56 kg

Dimensions: 66 cm x 56 cm x 91 cm

Warranty 1 years on steel housing, 1 year vacuum motor, pump and workmanship

You will find below a diagram illustrating tests carried out by CFR a sister company of Powr Flite, comparing the operating temperature of the Pro 500 with two of its main carpet cleaning rivals in a real world cleaning situation. Both of the other machines claim to produce 212° water temperatures. “Each machine was run for ten minutes. They were run in 8 second cycles with 4 seconds of spray and 4 seconds of rest. Every three minutes there was a 15 second rest. The temperature was recorded at the tip on the end of a 20 solution hose.” (CFR).

Carpet Cleaner Comparison

Length of hose (ft)

Water Pump (psi)

Vacuum Lift

Vacuum Type

Capacity Litres



Rug Doctor







1 year

Karcher Puzzi 100







1 year

Numatic CTD 570


50 *





1 year

Prochem Galaxy







1 year

Prochem powerplus







1 year

Powr Flite







1 year










price £1900 38 L 500 Psi machine only

Price £2335 38 L 500 Psi machine with 2 Jet Wand and Vac/Solution Hose

price £2350 38 L 500 Psi machine with Wonder Wand & vac/solution Hose

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